Welcome to, the website and online service of Momad, Inc. ("Momad," "we," or "us"). Momad provides you with a service that intends to make storage and traveling easy. This page explains the terms by which you may use our online and/or mobile services, web sites, and software provided on or in connection with and any services provided by us (collectively the "Site"), as well as our offline storage, pickup, and delivery services. These Terms of Use Agreement ("Agreement") a legally binding agreement that describe your legal rights, remedies and obligations and they also describe Momad’s commitments, legal rights and remedies, so please read them carefully. By accessing or using the Site and/or using the Services (as defined below), or clicking a button or checking a box marked “I Agree” or something similar, you signify that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by this Agreement and to the collection, use, and disclosure of your information as set forth in the Momad Privacy Policy, which is hereby incorporated by reference. This Agreement applies to all visitors, users, and others who register for or otherwise access the Site or use the Services ("Users", "you", or "your"). PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY TO ENSURE THAT YOU UNDERSTAND EACH PROVISION. THIS AGREEMENT CONTAINS A MANDATORY INDIVIDUAL ARBITRATION AND CLASS ACTION/JURY TRIAL WAIVER PROVISION THAT REQUIRES THE USE OF ARBITRATION ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS TO RESOLVE DISPUTES, RATHER THAN JURY TRIALS OR CLASS ACTIONS. 1. DEFINITIONS In this agreement: "Customer Item(s)" means the items packed by you, Momad, a third party, or a third party on behalf of Momad for storage and/or transport by Momad. "Service(s)" means the storage services and/or pickup/delivery services provided by or on behalf of Momad as described in Section 3 below. "Delivery Zone" means the zip codes serviced by Momad, which can be found at 2. USER OF OUR SITE ELIGIBILITY This is a contract between you and Momad. You must read and agree to these terms before using the Momad Site or Service. If you do not agree, you may not use the Service. You may use the Site or Service only if you can form a binding contract with Momad, and only in compliance with this Agreement and all applicable local, state, national, and international laws, rules and regulations. You must be at least 18 years old to use the Site and Services. By registering to use the Site and Services, you represent and warrant that you are 18 years of age or older. Any use or access to the Site or Services by anyone under 18 is strictly prohibited and in violation of this Agreement. The Site and Services not available to any Users previously removed from the Site by Momad. MOMAD SITE Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you are hereby granted a non-exclusive, limited, non-transferable, freely revocable license to use the Site for your personal, noncommercial use only and as permitted by the features of the Site. Momad reserves all rights not expressly granted herein in the Site and the Momad Content (as defined below). Momad may terminate this license at any time for any reason or no reason. MOMAD ACCOUNTS Your Momad account gives you access to the services and functionality that we may establish and maintain from time to time and at our sole discretion. If you open a Momad account on behalf of a company, organization, or other entity, then (a) "you" includes you and that entity, and (b) you represent and warrant that you are an authorized representative of the entity with the authority to bind the entity to this Agreement, and that you agree to this Agreement on the entity’s behalf. By connecting to Momad with a third-party service, you give us permission to access and use your information from that service as permitted by that service, and to store your log-in credentials for that service. You may never use another User’s account without permission. When creating your account, you must provide accurate and complete information. You are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on your account, and you must keep your account password secure. We encourage you to use “strong" passwords (passwords that use a combination of upper and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols) with your account. You must notify Momad immediately of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your account. Momad will not be liable for any losses caused by any unauthorized use of your account. You may control your User profile and account settings by emailing us at, texting us at 1-646-980-0833, updating your profile online at, or calling us at 1-646-980-0833. By providing Momad your email address, you consent to our using the email address to send you Site- and Service - related notices, including any notices required by law, in lieu of communication by postal mail. We may also use your email address to send you other messages, such as changes to features of the Site and Services and special offers. If you do not want to receive such email messages, you may opt out or change your preferences by emailing us at Opting out may prevent you from receiving email messages regarding updates, improvements, or offers. SITE RULES You agree not to engage in any of the following prohibited activities: (i) copying, distributing, or disclosing any part of the Site in any medium, including without limitation by any automated or non-automated "scraping"; (ii) using any automated system, including without limitation "robots," "spiders," "offline readers," etc., to access the Site in a manner that sends more request messages to the Momad servers than a human can reasonably produce in the same period of time by using a conventional on-line web browser; (iii) transmitting spam, chain letters, or other unsolicited email; (iv) attempting to interfere with, compromise the system integrity or security or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running the Site; (v) taking any action that imposes, or may impose at our sole discretion an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure; (vi) uploading invalid data, viruses, worms, or other software agents through the Site; (vii) collecting or harvesting any personally identifiable information, including account names, from the Site; (viii) using the Site for any commercial solicitation purposes; (ix) impersonating another person or otherwise misrepresenting your affiliation with a person or entity, conducting fraud, hiding or attempting to hide your identity; (x) interfering with the proper working of the Site; (xi) accessing any content on the Site through any technology or means other than those provided or authorized by the Site; or (xii) bypassing the measures we may use to prevent or restrict access to the Site, including without limitation features that prevent or restrict use or copying of any content or enforce limitations on use of the Site or the content therein. 3. THE STORAGE SERVICE MOMAD Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including without limitation the payment of all fees under this Agreement, Momad shall, upon request: (i) arrive at the address you designate as the pickup address (the "Pickup Address"); (ii) pack your Customer Items into one or more boxes/bags/garment bags/dust bags, prepare sports gear and other large items for safe transport using moving blankets and/or other required packing materials; (iii) count the packed Customer Items from above, prior to packing or wrapping, to document their quantity or condition prior to transport and storage; (iv) pick up the boxes or other packaging containing Customer Items that you or Momad have packed from your Pickup Address; and (v) (i) if you request storage services only, transport the Customer Items to a storage facility (chosen at our discretion) for storage and return those Customer Items to the Delivery Address on the date you designate, or (ii) if you request both storage and delivery services (locally), transport the Customer Items to a storage facility (chosen at our discretion) for storage, and then deliver those Customer Items to the Delivery Address on the date you designate, or (iii) if you request both storage and delivery services (non-locally) transport the Customer Items to a storage facility (chosen at our discretion) for storage, and then deliver those Customer Items to the 3rd Party Shipping Partner (such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) to be delivered to the Customer’s non-local address on the date you designate. Momad is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen property after the point that the items are in possession of the 3rd Party Shipping Partner. Momad is not responsible for items that arrive prior to or after the delivery date requested by the Customer that may be caused by the 3rd Party Shipping Partner. Times given for delivery, collection, and return are only estimates and Momad shall not be liable for any delay in delivery, collection, or return. Momad, at its sole discretion, will facilitate the transport of your items from the Delivery Zone from your initial pick-up to a Delivery Zone in a new city at pricing to be determined by Momad and approved by you. Momad may cancel, postpone, or otherwise reschedule any delivery, collection, or return of Customer Items for any reason or no reason, including without limitation in the event that Momad believes, in its sole discretion, that it may endanger any Momad employee, agent, contractor or other individual due to (including but not limited to) severe weather conditions or by reason of Momad having limited access to the Delivery Address. Momad may use subcontractors and/or third parties to help perform any Momad obligations or services under this Agreement or any other agreements that incorporate this Agreement, including without limitation for pick-ups, return deliveries, and other logistics with respect to Customer Items. You acknowledge and agree that Momad will not be responsible for: (i) dismantling or assembling any unit, system, or furniture (including flat pack and air chamber beds); or (ii) disconnecting, reconnecting, dismantling or reassembling appliances, fixtures, fittings or equipment. While Momad makes a good faith effort to place all Customer Items in suitable environments and/or means of transport or storage, Momad transports and stores a large variety of items, some of which require specific environments or means of transport or storage. Momad does not warrant that any transport vehicle or storage facility used by Momad is a suitable place or means of transport or storage for any particular Customer Items. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES; WAIVER OF NON-PHOTOGRAPHED AND IMPROPERLY PACKED ITEMS You will be solely responsible for: (i) obtaining and ensuring that Momad or its carrier has such access to any parking as may be reasonably required to carry out the Services; (ii) being present, or ensuring that someone authorized by you is present, during the delivery, collection, and return of the Customer Items; (iii) providing Momad with your contact details and ensuring that such contact details are accurate and up-to-date; (iv) ensuring that the Customer Items you pack have been securely packed into the appropriate boxes/bags/packaging so as not to cause damage or injury or the likelihood of damage or injury to your Customer Items, Momad’s property, employees, agents, contractors, business partners, other goods, or other individuals, whether by spreading of dampness, mold, infestation, leakage or the escape of fumes or substances or otherwise; (v) informing Momad immediately upon delivery before signing for your items of any damage to the Customer Items or your property that occurred during a delivery, collection or return service; and (vi) reimbursing Momad in full an amount equal to all damages, liabilities, costs, claims and expenses that Momad may incur as a result of your use of the Service or any breach by you of this Agreement. You understand that Momad is only responsible for those Customer Items that have been visually inspected and photographed by Momad. Momad is not responsible for any Customer Items prior to their being photographed by Momad, even if in the possession of Momad Couriers. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for verifying that Momad has photographed and inventoried all the Customer Items and that the inventory Momad provides you is a true and complete inventory of the personal property tendered. If you believe there are items missing or damaged, you have 12 hours from the time you gain access to the photos to notify Momad of any discrepancies. You hereby waive and release Momad from responsibility for any damage to items that were not packed, sealed, inspected and photographed by Momad. Momad uses packing supplies to ensure safe transport. If any items are not packed into bags, supplies, boxes or protected with moving blankets you are solely responsible for damage to those items. THE CUSTOMER ITEMS You represent and warrant that you own the Customer Items or that you otherwise have the right and authority to transport, store and use the Customer Items in accordance with this Agreement. The Customer Items must not include and you must not provide to Momad for storage or transport any of the following in connection with the Services: antiques (whether or not breakable and fragile), perishable goods, firearms, explosives, used tires, plants, birds, fish, other animals, or any other living thing, arms or ammunition, any item which emits fumes, smells or odors, bullion (e.g., gold-silver), jewelry, currency, ivory, precious metals or stones, any drugs, illegal substances or goods, or goods or substances illegally obtained, combustible or flammable materials, liquids or compressed gasses, diesel, petrol, oil, gas, artificial fertilizer or cleaning solvents, chemicals, radioactive materials or biological agents, toxic waste, asbestos or other materials of a dangerous or harmful nature, any other toxic, flammable or hazardous goods, human remains, or any other items, the possession, usage, transport or storage of which may detrimentally affect any of your other Customer Items or violate in any way the laws of the United States or any other applicable laws, rules, or regulations (collectively, "Prohibited Customer Items"). According to Momad’s sole discretion, Momad may regularly conduct, or have its subcontractors conduct, pest control inspections of any and all Customer Items. Momad or its contractors may at any time without notifying you open any Customer Items to inspect the Customer Items if Momad: (i) believes, in its sole discretion, that the Customer Items may include any Prohibited Customer Items; (ii) is required to do so by the police, fire services, local authorities or by court order; (iii) determines, in its sole discretion, it necessary for account or warehouse maintenance; or (iv) considers it necessary, in its sole discretion, in an emergency or to prevent injury or damage to persons or property. Momad may refuse to store or transport any Customer Items, or may return to you any Customer Items, at your cost, at any time, if, in Momad’s sole discretion, the storage, continued storage, or transport of the Customer Items would represent a risk to the safety of any person, the security of the storage site or transport vehicle, or any other goods at the storage site or in the transport vehicle. PAYMENT, SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES AND CANCELLATION By using the Services or other paid services or products provided by Momad, you agree to the pricing and payment terms, as we may update them from time to time. Momad may add new services for additional fees and charges, or amend fees and charges for existing services, at any time in its sole discretion. Any change to our pricing or payment terms shall become effective in the billing cycle following notice of such change to you as provided in this Agreement. Further, you acknowledge and agree that the Services or other paid services or products provided by Momad may be made available on a recurring subscription basis (“Subscription Services”). If you enroll in any Subscription Services, for example, through the purchase of our storage service, you agree to a recurring payment program, which will continue for the agreed-upon subscription period and automatically renew for additional subsequent periods unless and until you cancel the Subscription Services or Momad suspends, discontinues, or terminates them. Momad may offer a number of subscription plans for Subscription Services with different conditions and limitations. Any materially different terms from those described in these Terms of Use will be disclosed at your signup or in other communications made available to you. We automatically charge the payment method associated with your Momad account on a recurring basis (depending on the subscription term you choose). Day one of your billing cycle is tied to the date you activate your Subscription Services by pairing them to Services. You acknowledge that the amount billed may vary due to promotional offers, changes in your Subscription Services plan and changes in applicable taxes, and you authorize us to charge your payment method for the corresponding amounts. You further acknowledge that the amount of the recurring charge may change if the applicable tax rates change or if you are notified that there will be an increase in the applicable subscription fees. In order to receive Subscription Services, you must have internet access and provide Momad with a current, valid, accepted method of payment (as updated from time to time, “Payment Method”). You hereby authorize Momad to bill the subscription fee to your Payment Method, along with any applicable taxes or additional fees due during the billing period. You acknowledge that the amount billed during each billing period may vary from month to month for reasons that may include different amounts due to promotional offers, changing your subscription plan, and so on. You must cancel your subscription prior to the end of the then-current subscription period in order to avoid billing of the next subscription period’s subscription fees to your Payment Method. All information that you provide in connection with a purchase or transaction or other monetary transaction interaction with the Site or Services must be accurate, complete, and current. You agree to pay all charges incurred by users of your credit card, debit card, or other payment method used in connection with a purchase or transaction or other monetary transaction interaction with Momad at the prices in effect when such charges are incurred. You will pay any applicable taxes (including without limitation any applicable sales tax), if any, relating to any such purchases, transactions or other monetary transaction interactions. Any amounts not paid when due shall bear interest at the rate of 15% per month or the maximum rate allowed by law, whichever is less. You may cancel your Subscription Services at any time once the minimum storage term has been met; however, there are no refunds for cancellation for the then-current subscription period. To cancel, email us at or call us at 1-646-980-0833. When you cancel the Subscription Services, you cancel only future charges associated with your subscription. You may notify us of your intent to cancel at any time, but the cancellation will become effective at the end of your current billing period. Cancellations are effective the following subscription period. You will not receive a refund for the then-current subscription period. You will continue to have the same access and benefits of your product for the remainder of the current subscription period. In addition, Momad requires minimum payment commitments, and you remain obligated to pay the full amount of any such minimum payment commitment you have made to Momad, regardless of whether and at what point you cancel your Momad account. In the event that Momad suspends or terminates your account or this Agreement for your breach of this Agreement, you understand and agree that you shall receive no refund or exchange for any unused storage time, any license or subscription fees for any portion of the Site or Services, any content or data associated with your account, or for anything else, and that Momad may be unable to complete any outstanding orders or appointments until the suspension is lifted. You will be responsible for all charges (including any applicable taxes and other charges) incurred with respect to any orders processed prior to your cancellation of the Subscription Services. MOMAD’S RIGHT TO WITHHOLD OR DISPOSE OF CUSTOMER ITEMS Momad shall have the right to withhold and ultimately dispose of some or all of the Customer Items in accordance with this clause if either: (i) you do not pay any applicable fees or any other payments due under this Agreement or (ii) you abandon your Customer Items, which will occur in the event your Momad subscription terminates or expires and you fail to take possession of your Customer Items within 45 days from the termination or expiration date, despite Momad’s or an applicable courier’s good faith attempts to return your Customer Items. You will be responsible for all transport and storage charges and other associated costs reasonably incurred by Momad while withholding or disposing of the Customer Items. Momad will provide you with 45 days’ written notice requiring you to pay all amounts due and contact Momad to arrange for redelivery of the Customer Items. If upon the expiration of the 45-day notice period you have failed to pay all of the amounts due, Momad may dispose of some or all of the Customer Items by sale or otherwise. If in Momad’s opinion the Customer Items cannot be sold for a reasonable price or at all (for any reason), or despite Momad’s reasonable efforts they remain unsold, you authorize Momad to treat them as abandoned and to destroy or otherwise dispose of them at your cost. You shall be responsible for all costs reasonably incurred by Momad in relation to the disposal of the Customer Items. If Momad receives money on disposal of the Customer Items, the net proceeds of sale will be credited to your account and Momad will pay any excess amounts to you without interest, less Momad’s administrative charge of $500.00. If, after having made reasonable efforts to do so, Momad is unable to return any excess amounts received by Momad from the disposal of your Customer Items to you, including having given not less than 90 days’ written notice to you, Momad may retain any such excess amounts for its own account. If the proceeds of sale (if any) are insufficient to discharge the outstanding charges or any other payments due to Momad under this Agreement and the costs of sale, you must pay any balance outstanding to Momad within 7 days of a written demand from Momad. Interest will accrue on the balance in accordance with the Payment Section above until the balance is paid in full. MOMAD’S LIMITED SECURITY WARRANTY Momad agrees to provide you with a limited security warranty regarding your Customer Items as set forth in the terms and conditions of our Limited Security Warranty Policy. This Limited Security Warranty Policy is expressly incorporated by reference herein. TERMINATION You may terminate this Agreement at any time by requesting the return of your Customer Items and by paying any outstanding fees due to Momad. We may, without prior notice, change the Site or Services; stop providing the Site or Services or features of the Site or Services, to you or to Users generally; or create usage limits for the Site or Services. We may permanently or temporarily terminate or suspend your access to the Site or Services without notice and liability for any reason, including if in our sole determination you violate any provision of this Agreement, or for no reason. Upon termination for any reason or no reason, you continue to be bound by this Agreement. Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason you must contact Momad promptly to arrange for delivery of your Customer Items. If within 45 days following termination of this Agreement for any reason you fail to arrange for delivery of all of your Customer Items, then Momad may process the Customer Items in accordance with the provisions of the section titled "Momad’s Right to Withhold or Dispose of Customer Items" above. 4. OUR PROPRIETARY RIGHTS Except for the content you submit, post, display, or otherwise make available to Momad in connection with the Services (“User Content”), the Site and all materials therein or transferred thereby, including, without limitation, software, images, text, graphics, illustrations, logos, patents, trademarks, Site marks, copyrights, photographs, audio, videos, music, and content belonging to other Users (the "Momad Content"), and all Intellectual Property Rights related thereto, are the exclusive property of Momad and its licensors (including other Users who post User Content to the Site). Except as explicitly provided herein, nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to create a license in or under any such Intellectual Property Rights, and you agree not to sell, license, rent, modify, distribute, copy, reproduce, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, publish, adapt, edit or create derivative works from any Momad Content. Use of the Momad Content for any purpose not expressly permitted by this Agreement is strictly prohibited. You hereby expressly grant, and you represent and warrant that you have all rights necessary to grant, to Momad a royalty-free, sublicensable, transferable, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide right and license to use, reproduce, modify, publicly perform, display, and make derivative works of your User Content, in whole or in part, and in any form, media or technology, whether now known or hereafter developed, for use in connection with the Services. You may choose to or we may invite you to submit feedback, comments, suggestions, error identifications, or ideas about the Site or Services, including without limitation about how to improve the Site, the Services, or our other services or products ("Idea(s)"). By submitting any Idea, you agree that your disclosure is gratuitous, unsolicited and without restriction and will not place Momad under any fiduciary or other obligation, and that we are free to use the Idea without any additional compensation to you, and/or to disclose the Idea on a non-confidential basis or otherwise to anyone. You further acknowledge that, by acceptance of your submission, Momad does not waive any rights to use similar or related ideas previously known to Momad, or developed by its employees, or obtained from sources other than you. 5. SMS/TEXT MESSAGE ALERTS AND CALLS. By consenting to Momad’s SMS/text messaging and calls service, you agree to receive SMS/text messages and calls with service, transaction, account-related, and commercial news, events, offers, and promotions from and on behalf of Momad to your mobile phone number provided, even if your mobile number is registered on any state or federal Do Not Call list. You certify that your mobile number provided is true and accurate and that you are authorized to enroll the designated mobile number to receive such text messages and calls. You are strictly prohibited from registering a mobile number that is not your own. You acknowledge and agree that calls or text messages may be sent using automated technology, including through an automatic telephone dialing system. You understand that you do not have to sign up for this SMS/Text Message Alerts and Calls Program in order to make any purchases, and your consent is not a condition of any purchase with Momad. Your participation in our alerts program is completely voluntary. Standard message and data rates may apply from your carrier. Check your mobile plan and contact your mobile carrier for details. You are solely responsible for all charges related to SMS/text messages and calls, including charges from your mobile carrier. You can unsubscribe at any time. You may opt-out of receiving promotional calls or SMS text messages at any time by replying with the word “stop”. Please note that unsubscribing from promotional calls and SMS text messages will not prevent you from receiving calls or SMS texts from Momad directly relating to your use of the Service, such as account information, item pick-up details and delivery information that are necessary to provide the requested Service to you. To unsubscribe from promotional calls or SMS texts, email and provide your phone number and opt-out preference, or call us at 1-646-980-0833. 6. NO SALES TO CHILDREN Momad does not sell products through its Site or Service for or to children, but only to adults, who can purchase with a credit card or other permitted payment method. If you are under eighteen (18) years of age, you may use the Service only with involvement and consent of a parent or legal guardian. 7. FLORIDA RESIDENTS The provider of services is set forth herein. If you are a Florida resident, you may file complaints to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services by filling out and submitting a complaint form at this website or by telephone at (800) 435-7352 or (800) 352-9832. 8. PRIVACY We care about the privacy of our Users. You understand that by using the Site you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personally identifiable information and aggregate data as set forth in our Privacy Policy, and to have your personally identifiable information collected, used, transferred to and processed in the United States. 9. SECURITY Momad cares about the integrity and security of your personal information. However, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will never be able to defeat our security measures or use your personal information for improper purposes. You acknowledge that you provide your personal information at your own risk. 10. THIRD-PARTY LINKS The Site may contain links to third-party websites, advertisers, services, special offers, or other events or activities that are not owned or controlled by Momad. Momad does not endorse or assume any responsibility for any such third-party sites, information, materials, products, or services. If you access a third party website from the Site, you do so at your own risk, and you understand that this Agreement and Momad’s Privacy Policy do not apply to your use of such sites and services. You expressly relieve Momad from any and all liability arising from your use of any third-party website, service, or content. Additionally, your dealings with or participation in promotions of advertisers found on the Site or in connection with the Services, including payment and delivery of goods, and any other terms (such as warranties) are solely between you and such advertisers. You agree that Momad shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of any sort relating to your dealings with such advertisers. 11. INDEMNITY You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Momad and its subsidiaries, agents, licensors, managers, and other affiliated companies, and their employees, contractors, agents, officers and directors, from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees) arising from: (i) your use of and access to the Site, including any data or content transmitted or received by you; (ii) your use of the Services; (iii) your violation of any term of this Agreement, including without limitation your breach of any of the representations and warranties above; (iv) your violation of any third-party right, including without limitation any right of privacy or Intellectual Property Rights; (v) your violation of any applicable law, rule, or regulation; (vi) any of your User Content or Customer Items, or any that is submitted via your account; or (vii) any other party’s access and use of the Site or Services with your unique username, password or other appropriate security code. 12. NO WARRANTY WE STRIVE TO PROVIDE THE SERVICE IN THE WAY YOU NEED IT, BUT THERE ARE SOME THINGS IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT WE CANNOT PROMISE. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY PROVIDED IN THE LIMITED SECURITY WARRANTY POLICY, THE SITE AND SERVICES ARE PROVIDED ON AN "AS IS" AND "AS AVAILABLE" BASIS. USE OF THE SITE AND SERVICES IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, THE SITE AND SERVICES ARE PROVIDED WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. NO ADVICE OR INFORMATION, WHETHER ORAL OR WRITTEN, OBTAINED BY YOU FROM MOMAD OR THROUGH THE SITE OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SERVICES WILL CREATE ANY WARRANTY NOT EXPRESSLY STATED HEREIN. WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, MOMAD, ITS SUBSIDIARIES, ITS AFFILIATES, AND ITS LICENSORS DO NOT WARRANT THAT THE CONTENT IS ACCURATE, RELIABLE OR CORRECT; THAT THE SITE OR SERVICES WILL MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS; THAT THE SITE OR SERVICES WILL BE AVAILABLE AT ANY PARTICULAR TIME OR LOCATION, UNINTERRUPTED OR SECURE; THAT ANY DEFECTS OR ERRORS WILL BE CORRECTED; OR THAT THE SITE IS FREE OF VIRUSES OR OTHER HARMFUL COMPONENTS. ANY CONTENT DOWNLOADED OR OTHERWISE OBTAINED THROUGH THE USE OF THE SITE IS DOWNLOADED AT YOUR OWN RISK AND YOU WILL BE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM OR MOBILE DEVICE OR LOSS OF DATA THAT RESULTS FROM SUCH DOWNLOAD OR YOUR USE OF THE SITE. MOMAD DOES NOT WARRANT, ENDORSE, GUARANTEE, OR ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE ADVERTISED OR OFFERED BY A THIRD PARTY THROUGH THE MOMAD SITE OR SERVICES OR ANY WEBSITE OR SERVICE HYPERLINKED TO THE SITE, AND MOMAD WILL NOT BE A PARTY TO OR IN ANY WAY MONITOR ANY TRANSACTION BETWEEN YOU AND THIRD-PARTY PROVIDERS OF PRODUCTS OR SERVICES. FEDERAL LAW, SOME STATES, PROVINCES AND OTHER JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW EXCLUSIONS AND LIMITATIONS OF CERTAIN IMPLIED WARRANTIES, SO SOME OF THE ABOVE LIMITATIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. THIS AGREEMENT GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS, AND YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS WHICH VARY FROM STATE TO STATE. THE DISCLAIMERS AND EXCLUSIONS UNDER THIS AGREEMENT WILL NOT APPLY TO THE EXTENT PROHIBITED BY APPLICABLE LAW. 13. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, IN NO EVENT, AND UNDER NO LEGAL THEORY, SHALL MOMAD, ITS AFFILIATES, AGENTS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, SUPPLIERS OR LICENSORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR EXEMPLARY DAMAGES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF PROFITS, GOODWILL, USE, DATA OR OTHER INTANGIBLE LOSSES, THAT RESULT FROM THE USE OF, OR INABILITY TO USE, THIS SITE OR SERVICES. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL MOMAD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE, LOSS OR INJURY RESULTING FROM HACKING, TAMPERING OR OTHER UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS OR USE OF THE SITE OR YOUR ACCOUNT OR THE INFORMATION CONTAINED THEREIN. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, MOMAD ASSUMES NO LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY (I) ERRORS, MISTAKES, OR INACCURACIES OF CONTENT; (II) PERSONAL INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE, OF ANY NATURE WHATSOEVER, RESULTING FROM YOUR ACCESS TO OR USE OF OUR SITE OR SERVICES (EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY PROVIDED IN THE LIMITED SECURITY WARRANTY POLICY); (III) ANY UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS TO OR USE OF OUR SECURE SERVERS AND/OR ANY AND ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION STORED THEREIN; (IV) ANY INTERRUPTION OR CESSATION OF TRANSMISSION TO OR FROM THE SITE; (V) ANY BUGS, VIRUSES, TROJAN HORSES, OR THE LIKE THAT MAY BE TRANSMITTED TO OR THROUGH OUR SITE BY ANY THIRD PARTY; (VI) ANY ERRORS OR OMISSIONS IN ANY CONTENT OR FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE INCURRED AS A RESULT OF THE USE OF ANY CONTENT POSTED, EMAILED, TRANSMITTED, OR OTHERWISE MADE AVAILABLE THROUGH THE SITE; AND/OR (VII) USER CONTENT OR THE DEFAMATORY, OFFENSIVE, OR ILLEGAL CONDUCT OF ANY THIRD PARTY. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY PROVIDED IN THE LIMITED SECURITY WARRANTY POLICY, IN NO EVENT SHALL MOMAD, ITS AFFILIATES, AGENTS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, SUPPLIERS, OR LICENSORS BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY CLAIMS, PROCEEDINGS, LIABILITIES, OBLIGATIONS, DAMAGES, LOSSES OR COSTS IN AN AMOUNT EXCEEDING THE AMOUNT YOU PAID TO MOMAD HEREUNDER IN THE TWELVE (12) MONTHS PRIOR TO THE DATE THE LAST CAUSE OF ACTION AROSE OR $100.00, WHICHEVER IS GREATER. THIS LIMITATION OF LIABILITY SECTION APPLIES WHETHER THE ALLEGED LIABILITY IS BASED ON CONTRACT, TORT, NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY, OR ANY OTHER BASIS, EVEN IF MOMAD HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE. THE FOREGOING LIMITATION OF LIABILITY SHALL APPLY TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW IN THE APPLICABLE JURISDICTION. SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATIONS OR EXCLUSIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. THIS AGREEMENT GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS, AND YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS WHICH VARY FROM STATE TO STATE. THE DISCLAIMERS, EXCLUSIONS, AND LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY UNDER THIS AGREEMENT WILL NOT APPLY TO THE EXTENT PROHIBITED BY APPLICABLE LAW. The Site is controlled and operated from facilities in the United States. Momad makes no representations that the Site is appropriate or available for use in other locations. Those who access or use the Site from other jurisdictions do so at their own volition and are entirely responsible for compliance with all applicable United States and local laws and regulations, including but not limited to export and import regulations. You may not use the Site if you are a resident of a country embargoed by the United States, or are a foreign person or entity blocked or denied by the United States government. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, all materials found on the Site are solely directed to individuals, companies, or other entities located in the United States. 14. BUSINESS FAILURE In the event that Momad ceases operations, we will attempt to make reasonable efforts to return your Customer Items to you, but cannot guarantee if and when such returns will occur. Momad will not be liable for any failure to return Customer Items in the event of a business failure. 15. YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS You certify that you have read and expressly agree to the terms and conditions of Section 12 (No Warranty) and you acknowledge that this section limits your legal rights and remedies. You intend your assent to this Agreement to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent permitted by law. You expressly agree and acknowledge that you may discover facts or law different from, or in addition to, the facts or law that you know or believe to be true with respect to the Claims and the Released Persons. Nonetheless, you expressly agree and acknowledge that this section shall be and remain effective in all respects notwithstanding such different or additional facts or the discovery of them. You expressly agree and acknowledge that all rights under California Civil Code Section 1542 are expressly waived. California Civil Code Section 1542 provides: A GENERAL RELEASE DOES NOT EXTEND TO CLAIMS WHICH THE CREDITOR DOES NOT KNOW OR SUSPECT TO EXIST IN HIS OR HER FAVOR AT THE TIME OF EXECUTING THE RELEASE, WHICH IF KNOWN BY HIM OR HER MUST HAVE MATERIALLY AFFECTED HIS OR HER SETTLEMENT WITH THE DEBTOR. 16. GOVERNING LAW, ARBITRATION, AND CLASS ACTION/JURY TRIAL WAIVER GOVERNING LAW Florida Law. This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, excluding that State's choice-of-law principles, and all claims relating to or arising out of this contract, or the breach thereof, whether sounding in contract, tort or otherwise, shall likewise be governed by the laws of the State of Florida, excluding that State's choice-of-law principles. ARBITRATION READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY BECAUSE IT REQUIRES THE PARTIES TO ARBITRATE THEIR DISPUTES AND LIMITS THE MANNER IN WHICH YOU CAN SEEK RELIEF FROM MOMAD. For any dispute with Momad, you agree to first contact us at and attempt to resolve the dispute with us informally. In the unlikely event that Momad has not been able to resolve a dispute it has with you after sixty (60) days, we each agree to resolve any claim, dispute, or controversy (excluding any Momad claims for injunctive or other equitable relief) arising out of or in connection with or relating to this Agreement, or the breach or alleged breach thereof (collectively, "Claims"), by binding arbitration by JAMS, Inc. ("JAMS"), under the Optional Expedited Arbitration Procedures then in effect for JAMS, except as provided herein. If you are using the Site or obtaining the Services for commercial purposes, the following applies: JAMS may be contacted at and may require you to pay a fee for the initiation of your case unless you apply for and successfully obtain a fee waiver from JAMS. The arbitration will be conducted in Miami, Florida (or the nearest JAMS office), unless you request an in-person hearing in your hometown or you and Momad agree otherwise. The award rendered by the arbitrator may include your costs of arbitration, your reasonable attorney’s fees and your reasonable costs for expert and other witnesses, and any judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court of competent jurisdiction. Nothing in this Section shall prevent either party from seeking injunctive or other equitable relief from the court as necessary to prevent the actual or threatened infringement, misappropriation, or violation of such party’s data security, Intellectual Property Rights or other proprietary rights. You may sue in a small claims court of competent jurisdiction without first engaging in arbitration, but this does not absolve you of your commitment to engage in the informal dispute resolution process. CLASS ACTION/JURY TRIAL WAIVER WITH RESPECT TO ALL PERSONS AND ENTITIES, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THEY HAVE OBTAINED THE SITE OR STORAGE SERVICES FOR PERSONAL, COMMERCIAL OR OTHER PURPOSES, ALL CLAIMS MUST BE BROUGHT IN THE PARTIES’ INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY, AND NOT AS A PLAINTIFF OR CLASS MEMBER IN ANY PURPORTED CLASS ACTION, COLLECTIVE ACTION, PRIVATE ATTORNEY GENERAL ACTION OR OTHER REPRESENTATIVE PROCEEDING. THIS WAIVER APPLIES TO CLASS ARBITRATION, AND, UNLESS WE AGREE OTHERWISE, THE ARBITRATOR MAY NOT CONSOLIDATE MORE THAN ONE PERSON’S CLAIMS. YOU AGREE THAT, BY ENTERING INTO THIS AGREEMENT, YOU AND MOMAD ARE EACH WAIVING THE RIGHT TO A TRIAL BY JURY OR TO PARTICIPATE IN A CLASS ACTION, COLLECTIVE ACTION, PRIVATE ATTORNEY GENERAL ACTION, OR OTHER REPRESENTATIVE PROCEEDING OF ANY KIND. 17. GENERAL ASSIGNMENT This Agreement, and any rights and licenses granted hereunder, may not be transferred or assigned by you, but may be assigned by Momad without restriction. Any attempted transfer or assignment in violation hereof shall be null and void. FORCE MAJEURE Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Momad will not be liable or responsible for any damage to or loss of any Customer Items, or failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of its obligations under this Agreement, including without limitation any Services, that is caused by events outside its reasonable control (including but not limited to) acts of God, flood, earthquake, windstorm or other natural disaster; war, armed conflict, terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots; nuclear, chemical or biological contamination or sonic boom; any law or government order, rule, regulation or direction, or any action taken by a government or public authority; fire, explosion or accidental damage; adverse weather conditions; interruption or failure of utility service, including but not limited to electric power, gas or water; any labor dispute, including but not limited to strikes, industrial action or lockouts; non-performance or delay by suppliers or subcontractors; and failure of plant machinery, machinery, vehicles, computers, the Internet or telecommunications (each, a "Force Majeure Event"). NOTIFICATION PROCEDURES AND CHANGES TO THE AGREEMENT. Momad may provide notifications, whether such notifications are required by law or are for marketing or other business related purposes, to you via email notice, written or hard copy notice, or through posting of such notice on our website, as determined by Momad in our sole discretion. Momad reserves the right to determine the form and means of providing notifications to our Users, provided that you may opt out of certain means of notification as described in this Agreement. Momad is not responsible for any automatic filtering you or your network provider may apply to email notifications we send to the email address you provide us. Momad may, in its sole discretion, modify or update this Agreement from time to time, and so, you should review this page periodically. When we change the Agreement in a material manner, we will update the "last modified" date at the bottom of this page. Your continued use of the Site or Services after any such change constitutes your acceptance of the new Terms of Use. If you do not agree to any of these terms or any future Terms of Use, do not use or access (or continue to use or access) the Site or Services. ENTIRE AGREEMENT/SEVERABILITY This Agreement, together with the Privacy Policy, Limited Warranty Policy, Pricing and Payment Terms, Delivery Zone lists, any amendments to any of the foregoing, and any additional agreements you may enter into with Momad in connection with the Site or Services, shall constitute the entire agreement between you and Momad concerning the Site and Services. If any provision of this Agreement is deemed invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this Agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect, except that in the event of the unenforceability of the universal Class Action/Jury Trial Waiver, the entire arbitration agreement shall be unenforceable. NO WAIVER No waiver of any term of this Agreement shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or any other term, and Momad’s failure to assert any right or provision under this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. CONTACT. Please contact us at or (646)980-0833 with any questions regarding this Agreement.

Momad Inc. ("Momad," "Company," "we," or "us") is committed to protecting your privacy. Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, disclose, and share your information, and provides you with choices about your information. This Privacy Policy applies to our websites including and any other website that links to this Privacy Policy (collectively, our “Services”). By accessing or using our Services, you signify that you have read, understood, and agree to our collection, storage, use, and disclosure of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. 1. How We Collect Your Information 2. Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies 3. How We Use Your Information 4. How We Share Your Information 5. Online Advertising and Third-Party Tracking 6. Your Choices about Your Information 7. How We Store and Protect Your Information 8. Children's Privacy 9. Links to Other Websites and Services 10. How to Contact Us 11. Changes to Our Privacy Policy 1. HOW WE COLLECT AND USE INFORMATION Capitalized terms that are not defined in this Privacy Policy have the meaning given them in our Terms of Use. Information you provide to us directly: We may collect personal information such as your first and last name, phone number, e-mail address, physical address, and payment information when you use or register for our Service. For example, we may collect your name, email, phone number, address, and payment information when you create an account or subscribe to a storage plan. We may collect your name, email, and phone number when you correspond with us or request a quote. We may also collect your contact information when you contact customer service, or otherwise communicate with us for account verification or other service-related matters. Information we may receive from third party sites that connect to our Service: We may receive information about you from third parties and combine that with information we collect through our Services. For example, when you interact with us through a social media site or third-party service, such as when you like, follow, comment, add a review, provide referrals through our “Invite friends” feature, or share Company content on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, or other sites, we may receive information from the social network, including your profile information, picture, user ID associated with your social media account, and any other information you permit the social network to share with third parties. Subject to any privacy settings, any content that you make public is searchable by other individuals. If you remove information that you posted to any public portions of the Services, copies may remain viewable in cached and archived pages of the Services, or if other individuals have copied or saved that information. The data we receive from these third-party sites is dependent upon that third party’s policies and your privacy settings on that third-party site. You should always review and, if necessary, adjust your privacy settings on third-party websites and services before linking or connecting them to our website or Services. Information from Other Sources. We may receive information about you from third parties and combine this information with other information we collect from or about you. For example, we may receive information about you to verify identity or payment information, update our records, or better provide the Service available to you. We also collect information about you that is publicly available. We may also receive your information from third parties such as distribution partners, data services, marketing firms, and analytics partners. Address Book Information. Through our “Invite friends” referral feature, you may also directly choose a friend to invite to use our Services through your mobile device’s native app or email. With your permission, we may access your contact list available on your mobile device so that you can invite your friends to join our Service. When you send an invitation to your friends to join the Service, we will send an invitation through our mobile device’s native text messaging application, accompanied with your name, so your friends will know you are the person extending the invitation. We will not store or collect the information contained in your Address Book, and we will not use that information for any purpose other than to send invitations to your contacts at your request. 2. COOKIES AND OTHER TRACKING TECHNOLOGIES We, and our third-party partners, automatically collect certain types of usage information when you use our Service, read our emails, or otherwise engage with us. We typically collect this information through a variety of tracking technologies, including cookies, web beacons, embedded scripts, location-identifying technologies, file information, and similar technology (collectively, “tracking technologies”). We, and our third-party partners, use tracking technologies to automatically collect usage and device information, such as: Information about your device and its software, such as your IP address, browser type, Internet Service provider, device type/model/manufacturer, operating system, date and time stamp, and a unique ID that allows us to uniquely identify your browser, mobile device, or your account (including, for example, a persistent device identifier or an Ad ID), and other such information. We may also work with third-party partners to employ technologies, including the application of statistical modeling tools, which permit us to recognize and contact you across multiple devices. Information about the way you access and use our Services, for example, the site from which you came and the site to which you are going when you leave our Services, the pages you visit, the links you click, whether you open emails or click the links contained in emails, whether you access the Services from multiple devices, whether you accepted a contact, and other actions you take on the Service. Information about your location, including GPS coordinates (e.g., latitude and/or longitude) or similar information regarding the location of your mobile device, or we may be able to approximate or infer a device’s location by analyzing other information, like an IP address. We also use the Google Maps API to gather information about your location. Google uses various technologies to determine your location, including IP address, GPS, and other sensors that may, for example, provide Google with information on nearby devices, Wi-Fi access points, and cell towers (see Google Maps privacy policy to learn more). We may collect analytics data or use third-party analytics tools such as Google Analytics to help us measure traffic and usage trends for the Service and to understand more about the demographics of our users. You can learn more about Google’s practices at and view its currently available opt-out options at We may also work with third-party partners to employ technologies, including the application of statistical modeling tools, which permit us to recognize and contact you across multiple devices. Cookies Opt Out. If you would prefer not to accept cookies, most browsers will allow you to: (i) change your browser settings to notify you when you receive a cookie, which lets you choose whether to accept it; (ii) disable existing cookies; or (iii) set your browser to automatically reject cookies. Please note that doing so may negatively impact your experience using the Service, as some features on our Service may not work properly. Depending on your mobile device and operating system, you may not be able to delete or block all cookies. You may also set your email options to prevent the automatic downloading of images that may contain technologies that would allow us to know whether you have accessed our email and performed certain functions with it. Do Not Track Signals. Although we do our best to honor the privacy preferences of our users, we are unable to respond to Do Not Track signals set by your browser at this time. We and our third-party partners may also use cookies and tracking technologies for advertising purposes. For more information about tracking technologies, please see “Online Advertising and Third-Party Tracking” below 3. HOW WE USE YOUR INFORMATION We may use your information for the following purposes: To operate, maintain, improve, and provide to you the features and functionality of the Service. This includes processing payment, tracking orders, implementing new features and enhancements, or otherwise providing the Service. To communicate directly with you, such as to send you Service-related emails, SMS text messages, or calls (e.g., account verification, updates to features of the Service, technical and security notices, pick up details). We may also send you promotional messages from us and from our partners, including email messages, or, with your consent, SMS text messages or calls. You may change your communications preferences at any time, see the “Your Choices About Your Information” section below. Please note that you are not able to opt-out of receiving Service-related messages from us, including security and legal notices. To remember your information so you will not have to re-enter it during a subsequent visit; help you efficiently access your information after you sign in; provide, improve, test, update and monitor the Service; or diagnose or fix technology problems. To identify potential customers who may be interested in our Service for the purposes of targeting relevant marketing to such persons. To enable you to participate in interactive features of the Service (such as engaging in surveys, reviews, or promotions). To create aggregated or otherwise anonymized data that does not reasonably identify you directly as an individual. To perform statistical, demographic, or marketing analyses, for any purpose. To comply and fulfill our legal duties and obligations such as tax and accounting. To respond to your emails, comments, questions or requests for customer Service. To ensure the security of our products and Service and to prevent abuses. To ensure the security of our IT environments and protection of data. For any other purpose we may describe when you provide the information. 4. HOW WE SHARE YOUR INFORMATION We may share your personal information in the instances described below. For further information on your choices regarding your information, see the “Your Choices About Your Information” section below. We may share your personal information with: Other companies and brands owned or controlled by Momad, and other companies owned by or under common ownership as Momad, which also includes our subsidiaries (i.e., any organization we own or control) or our ultimate holding Momad (i.e., any organization that owns or controls us) and any subsidiaries it owns. These companies will use your personal information in the same way as we can under this Privacy Policy. Third-party vendors and other service providers that perform the Service on our behalf, as needed to carry out their work for us, which may include identifying and serving targeted advertisements, providing mailing or shipping services, providing tax and accounting services, contest fulfillment, web hosting, or providing analytic services. Business partners with whom we do business, including to facilitate your purchase of a product or service, or for their own marketing purposes in compliance with applicable laws and subject to their separate privacy notices. The public when you provide feedback on our Service. For example, if you post user content or comment on our social media sites, your information, such as your first name, last initial, state of residence, and your comments, may be displayed on our Sites or on our social media pages. Please do not provide personal information you would not want to be public. Other parties in connection with a Momad transaction, such as a merger, sale of Momad assets or shares, reorganization, financing, change of control or acquisition of all or a portion of our business by another Momad or third party, or in the event of a bankruptcy or related or similar proceedings. Other parties in connection with a company transaction, such as a merger, sale of company assets or shares, reorganization, financing, change of control or acquisition of all or a portion of our business by another company or third party, or in the event of a bankruptcy or related or similar proceedings. Third parties as required by law or subpoena or if we reasonably believe that such action is necessary to (a) comply with the law and the reasonable requests of law enforcement; (b) to enforce our Terms of Use or to protect the security or integrity of our Service; and/or (c) to exercise or protect the rights, property, or personal safety of Momad, our visitors, or others. Others in an aggregated or otherwise anonymized form that does not reasonably identify you directly as an individual. 5. ONLINE ADVERTISING AND THIRD-PARTY TRACKING Interest-Based Advertising. We participate in interest-based advertising and use third-party advertising companies to serve you targeted advertisements based on your browsing history. We may share, or we may permit third-party online advertising networks, social media companies, and other third-party Service to collect information about your use of our Sites over time so that they may play or display ads on our Service, on other devices you may use, and on other websites, apps, or Service, including on Facebook. Typically, though not always, the information we share is provided through cookies or similar tracking technologies, which recognize the device you are using and collect information, including clickstream information, browser type, time and date you visited the site, and other information. We and our third-party partners use this information to make the advertisements you see online more relevant to your interests, as well as to provide advertising-related Services such as reporting, attribution, analytics, and market research. Social Media Advertising. We display targeted advertising to you through social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and others. These companies have interest-based advertising programs that allow us to direct advertisements to users who have shown interest in our Service while those users are on the social media platform or to groups of other users who share similar traits, such as likely commercial interests and demographics. These advertisements are governed by the privacy policies of those social media companies that provide them. Cross-Device Linking. We, or our third-party partners, may link your various devices so that content you see on one device can result in relevant advertising on another device. We do this by collecting information about each device you use when you are logged in to our Service. We may also work with third-party partners who employ tracking technologies or the application of statistical modeling tools to determine if two or more devices are linked to a single user or household. We may share a common account identifier (such as an email address or user ID) with third-party advertising partners to help recognize you across devices. We, and our partners, can use this cross-device linkage to serve interest-based advertising and other personalized content to you across your devices, to perform analytics, and to measure the performance of our advertising campaigns. Your choices: Cookies As noted above, most browsers allow you to adjust your browser settings to: (i) notify you when you receive a cookie, which lets you choose whether to accept it; (ii) disable existing cookies; or (iii) set your browser to automatically reject cookies. Blocking or deleting cookies may negatively impact your experience using the Service, as some features and Service on our Service may not work properly. Interest-based advertising. To learn about interest-based advertising and how you may be able to opt-out of some of this advertising, you may wish to visit the Network Advertising Initiative’s online resources at and/or the DAA’s resources at Cross-device linking. Please note that opting-out of receiving interest-based advertising through the NAI’s and DAA’s online resources will only opt-out a user from receiving interest-based ads on that specific browser or device, but the user may still receive interest-based ads on his or her other devices. You must perform the opt-out on each browser or device you use. Mobile advertising. You may also be able to limit interest-based advertising through the settings on your mobile device by selecting “limit ad tracking” (iOS) or “opt-out of interest-based ads” (Android). You may also be able to opt-out of some—but not all—interest-based ads served by mobile ad networks by visiting and downloading the mobile AppChoices app Some of these opt-outs may not be effective unless your browser is set to accept cookies. If you delete cookies, change your browser settings, switch browsers or computers, or use another operating system, you will need to opt-out again. Google Analytics and Advertising. We use Google Analytics to recognize you and link the devices you use when you visit our site or Service on your browser or mobile device, log in to your account on our Service, or otherwise engage with us. We share a unique identifier, like a user ID or hashed email address, with Google to facilitate the Service. Google Analytics allows us to better understand how our users interact with our Service and to tailor our advertisements and content to you. For information on how Google Analytics collects and processes data, as well as how you can control information sent to Google, review Google's site “How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps” located at You can learn about Google Analytics’ currently available opt-outs, including the Google Analytics Browser Ad-On here We may also utilize certain forms of display advertising and other advanced features through Google Analytics, such as Remarketing with Google Analytics, Google Display Network Impression Reporting, the DoubleClick Campaign Manager Integration, and Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting. These features enable us to use first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick advertising cookie) or other third-party cookies together to inform, optimize, and display ads based on your past visits to the Service. You may control your advertising preferences or opt-out of certain Google advertising products by visiting the Google Ads Preferences Manager, currently available at, or by visiting NAI’s online resources at 6. YOUR CHOICES ABOUT YOUR INFORMATION You control your account information and settings: You may update your profile information, such as your name and phone number, by editing information on your user profile screen. How to Control Your Email Communications Preferences. You can stop receiving promotional email communications from us by clicking on the “unsubscribe link” provided in such communications. We make every effort to promptly process all unsubscribe requests. As noted above, you may not opt out of Service-related communications (e.g., account verification, purchase and billing confirmations and reminders, changes/updates to features of the Service, technical and security notices). How to Control Calls or SMS Text Messages Preferences. You may opt-out of receiving promotional calls or SMS text messages at any time by replying “stop”. Please note that unsubscribing from promotional calls and SMS text messages will not prevent you from receiving calls or SMS texts from Momad directly relating to your use of the Service, such as account information, item pick-up details and delivery information that are necessary to provide the requested Service to you. To unsubscribe from promotional calls or SMS texts, reply “stop”, email and provide your phone number and opt-out preference, or call us at 1-646-980-0833. For more information, see our Terms of Use. Modifying or Deleting Your Information. If you have any questions about reviewing, modifying, or deleting your information, or if you want to remove your name or comments from our Service or publicly displayed content, you can contact us directly at We may not be able to modify or delete your information in all circumstances. 7. HOW WE STORE AND PROTECT YOUR INFORMATION Storage and Processing: Your information collected through the use of the Service may be stored and processed in the United States or any other country in which Momad or its subsidiaries, affiliates or service providers maintain facilities. Momad may transfer information that we collect about you, including personal information, to affiliated entities, or to other third parties across borders and from your country or jurisdiction to other countries or jurisdictions around the world. We may retain your information as long as appropriate for business purposes, unless we are required by law or regulation or for litigation and regulatory investigations to keep it for longer periods of time. Keeping your information safe: Momad cares about the security of your information, and uses safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of information collected through the use of the Service. Despite the actions and precautions we take, no data transmissions over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Consequently, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of the information and you acknowledge and agree that you transmit it to us at your own risk. Momad is not responsible for the functionality or security measures of any third party. Compromise of information: In the event that any information under our control is compromised as a result of a breach of security, Momad will take steps to investigate the situation and where appropriate, notify those individuals whose information may have been compromised and take other steps, in accordance with any applicable laws and regulations. 8. CHILDREN'S PRIVACY Momad does not knowingly collect or solicit any information from anyone under the age of 13 or knowingly allow such persons to register as Users. The Site and its content are not directed at children under the age of 13. In the event that we learn that we have inadvertently collected personal information from a child under age 13, we will delete that information. If you believe that we might have any information from or about a child under 13, please contact us at 9. LINKS TO OTHER WEB SITES AND SERVICES The Service may contain links to and from third-party websites of our business partners, advertisers, and social media sites and our users may post links to third-party websites. If you follow a link to any of these websites, please note that these websites have their own privacy policies and that we do not accept any responsibility or liability for their policies. We strongly recommend that you read their privacy policies and terms and conditions of use to understand how they collect, use, and share information. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content on the websites of third-party sites. 10. HOW TO CONTACT US If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the Service, please contact us at 11. CHANGES TO OUR PRIVACY POLICY Momad may modify or update this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect the changes in our business and practices, and so you should review this page periodically. We will notify you about material changes in the way we treat personal data by sending a notice to the primary email address specified in your account and/or by placing a prominent notice on our website(s). It is your responsibility to review this Privacy Policy periodically. When we do change the Privacy Policy, we will also revise the “Last Updated” date at the top of this Privacy Policy. If you disagree with the revised Privacy Policy, you may cancel your account. If you do not cancel your account before the date the revised Privacy Policy becomes effective, your continued access to or use of the Services will be subject to the revised Privacy Policy.

Your card will not be charged & your subscription will not begin until our courier picks up your items. Your subscription is monthly and payment will be due at the beginning of each month, at which point you are obligated to pay the full amount due. If the number of your stored items is greater than what is included in your subscription ('excess'), you will owe an additional $5/item, beginning your first month, and will continue to be charged until your subscription ends or the number of excess changes. All amounts owed by the customer will be charged to the card on file when the payments are due. If you would like to change your form of payment on file, please let your Momad Concierge know immediately by contacting us at By clicking "Confirm Payment Info" or signing up for an account, you give Momad the authorization to charge your card monthly for all costs related to your subscription as well as for any additional costs such as charges for additional items (excess), dry cleaning, steaming, luggage packing, luggage rental, shipping fees, etc. If you have any questions about credit card charges, please contact your Momad Concierge by email, phone, or through your account portal. All subscriptions are subject to a 4-month minimum. If you cancel before the 4 months, you will still owe the amount for the remaining minimum, and agree to pay the full amount due by the payment due date. Momad is not responsible for any data leaks, stolen information, or incorrect charges. If you notice an incorrect charge, contact Momad immediately so we can correct the charge(s) as soon as possible.

Capitalized terms not defined in this Limited Security Warranty Policy have the meaning given to them in Momad’s Terms of Use (the "Agreement"), which are incorporated herein by reference. Subject to the terms, limitations, exclusions, and conditions of this Limited Security Warranty Policy and the Agreement, and solely to the extent covered by Momad’s insurance policy, Momad will reimburse you for: Loss of or damage to your properly packed, Stored Items that have been tampered with, lost or stolen while in Momad’s possession, up to a total maximum of US $10.00 per pound in aggregate per User (the "Limited Security Warranty"); damage to your household caused by Momad’s gross negligence or willful misconduct, up to a total maximum of US $10,000 in aggregate per User; and/or damage to your personal effects caused by Momad’s gross negligence or willful misconduct, up to a total maximum of US $10.00 per pound in aggregate per User (together with (i) and (ii), also part of the Limited Security Warranty). In order to be eligible for reimbursement under (ii) or (iii), you must timely notify Momad of any applicable damage while Momad personnel remain present during or after the performance of services. Momad shall have the right to decrease or deny reimbursement to the extent that your or a third party's negligence or willful act contributed to the claimed damage. Under no circumstances shall Momad have any liability, or any responsibility to reimburse you, for any damages to any Stored Items that Momad has not individually and specifically inspected, packed, sealed and photographed, including without limitation any items inside or in some way obscured by other items or packaging. Any such items are excluded from coverage. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Momad shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to inspect and determine the value of any damage to a Stored Item, household, or personal effects, the value of a lost Stored Item, and whether a damaged Stored Item, household, or personal effect is capable of being repaired. You may also purchase additional protection, such that your protection is the greater of the legal minimum price per pound or the amount of additional protection purchased. You may purchase additional protection of either $5,000 or $10,000, in each case in aggregate per User. Please visit or contact us at 1-(646)980-0833 for more details, including current rates for additional protection, and/or to purchase additional protection. You are free later to cancel your protection plan. However, cancellation or failure to make payments each month means that your protection will revert to the default total maximum of US $10.00 per pound in aggregate per User. Once you have selected your protection level, you cannot upgrade or change your protection level, except you may cancel your additional protection at any time. If you purchase additional coverage and then at any point reach your maximum total claim amount, Momad will immediately cancel any later scheduled monthly protection plan payments from you and default your Limited Security Warranty coverage down to a total maximum of US $10.00 per pound in aggregate. In order to be eligible for either Limited Security Warranty, you must: (i) have photographs of your Stored Items (in order to allow us to confirm the pre-packing condition of the Stored Items); (ii) pack your Stored Items into boxes (“Storage Boxes”) or bags (“Bags”) provided by Momad; (iii) promptly examine your Storage Box, Bags and Stored Items when Momad returns your Storage Boxes, Bags, or Stored Items to you, and (iv) immediately notify the Momad representative who return-delivered your Storage Box, Bags, Garment Bags, Dust Bags, Luggage, Stored Items, etc. in writing of any loss of or damage to your Stored Items at the time of delivery within five (5) days of delivery; and (v) read and agree to abide by the terms of the Momad Damage Claim Form (subsections (i) through (v) of this paragraph, collectively, the “Warranty Requirements''). The Momad Damage Claim Form for customers with a maximum coverage of US $10.00 per pound in aggregate per User is available for request at The Damage Claim Forms for customers who purchased $5,000 or $10,000 of additional protection is also available for request at For clarity, this Momad Limited Security Warranty Policy shall not apply to any Stored Items shipped directly by you or on your behalf to Momad, or from Momad to you or a representative on your behalf. Upon receiving notice of lost or damaged Stored Items, Momad will investigate the cause of loss or damage. If Momad determines, in its sole discretion, that the loss or damage was due to unauthorized tampering with or access to the Stored Items contained within your Storage Box, Bag, or Luggage Momad will pay to you either (i) the cost of repair of the damaged Stored Items (up to the aggregate per-user limit expressly set forth herein and selected by you), or (ii) the current replacement fair market value of the lost or damaged Stored Items (up to the aggregate per-user limit expressly set forth herein and selected by you), whichever is less. Momad shall be entitled to require proof of the initial purchase price, repair cost, and/or replacement value, and/or fair market value of any damaged or stolen Stored Items. You agree that Momad shall have no liability for any loss of or damage to any Stored Items if you breach or have breached any provision of the Agreement, or if you fail or have failed to comply with any of the Warranty Requirements above, including without limitation, any failure to have photographs taken of any missing or damaged Stored Items prior to packing the Stored Items or failure to notify Momad of any or lost or damaged Stored Items immediately upon delivery. The Limited Security Warranty is not insurance and should not be considered a replacement or stand-in for any kind of insurance. We strongly encourage you to purchase insurance for all of your Stored Items. The Limited Security Warranty does not apply to, and Momad shall not in any event be liable for, any loss or damage that falls into the following categories: (i) loss or damage to the Stored Items which does not arise as a direct consequence of any breach of this Agreement by Momad or any deliberate or grossly negligent act or omission on the part of Momad or its contractors; (ii) loss of or damage to any Prohibited Stored Items (as defined in the Agreement); (iii) loss or damage to composite wood items, such as pressboard, particle board or ready-to-assemble furniture; (iv) loss or damage to the internal workings of electronic items; (v) missing hardware for items Momad did not disassemble; (vi) loss or damage to items that were previously damaged or repaired; (vii) loss of business, sales, revenue, profits or anticipated savings; (viii) loss or damage which was not reasonably foreseeable at the date of entering into this Agreement, regardless as to how such loss or damage was caused; (ix) loss or damage due to emotional distress; or (x) consequential damages of any character; or (xi) loss of or damage to Stored Items in connection with any Force Majeure Event (as defined in the Agreement). You acknowledge and agree that the Limited Security Warranty set forth herein shall be your sole and exclusive remedy and Momad’s total liability to you in connection with any lost, stolen, or damaged Stored Items.